Installation of Kerberos 5

This post describes how to install using MIT Kerberos version 5 in a Debian GNU/Linux system. The installation of Heimdal should be similar but is not addressed in this document. Packages installation This document considers four kinds of hosts: master: the master KDC (Key Distribution Center), i.e. the central authentication and administration server, slave: a slave … [Read more…]

Categorization vs. classification

Most people consider that the two words categorization and classification are synonyms, and use them interchangeably. However, there is a subtle difference in meaning between those two words, according to Le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique, i.e. the dictionnary created by the Office québecquois de la langue française (Québec institute of French language), in Canada. According to their many … [Read more…]

Script for publishing BibTeX bibliographies as NanoBlogger articles

I have written a script in Bourne Shell (, available under the GNU GPL license, to publish sets of bibliographic entries as NanoBlogger articles from .bib BibTeX files. It generates only XHTML1.1-compliant UTF-8-encoded bibliography articles. This script is based on bibtex2html, iconv and sed.