Collection of reusable web designs

I just found the Open Source Web Design (OSWD) web site, which offers a collection of reusable web designs contributed by many authors. They currently have 1620 web designs, and all those I have seen are very nice! My only concern is about licensing. As stated on the web site, the choice of a license … [Read more…]

Patch to the Erlang Driver Toolkit

I am creating an Erlang-binding for the GSS API version 2.1 (IETF‘s RFC 2743 and RFC 2744). I am wrapping the GSS API C-binding functions in an Erlang port driver. The purpose is to be able to use GSS API implementations such as MIT Kerberos, Heimdal, GNU Shishi and Globus’ GSI in Erlang programs. And … [Read more…]

New “smart” Debian packages for the Adeos ipipe kernel patches

I have made Debian packages for the Adeos ipipe patches found the Adeos website. These package are meant to replace (but do not conflict with) the kernel-patch-adeos official package available in Debian, which has not been updated since August 2005 and does not allow to install multiple versions simultaneously and to select them in a flexible … [Read more…]

Autoconf macros for Erlang support committed into Autoconf’s CVS

My Autoconf macros for Erlang applications configuration have been committed intoAutoconf’s CVS repository. The final macros are a little different from my original proposal: all macros now have the AC_ERLANG_ prefix, instead of the ERLANG_ prefix. These macros will be included in the next release of Autoconf (version 2.95c). Until this version is released, one … [Read more…]

Release of gtkNode 0.1 and of the gtknode Debian package

I have refactored gtkNode, the Erlang interface to GTK+ 2, which I have been “playing with” recently. The most significant is that I have used GNU Autoconf and Automake to redo the configuration and build framework. I have used my Autoconf macros for Erlang in gtkNode’s configuration file, to simplify configuration. To compile the source … [Read more…]

Patch to add support for Erlang/OTP in GNU Autoconf

I have just submitted a patch to Autoconf, on the Autoconf patches mailing-list, which allows to easily: auto-configure paths to Erlang/OTP tools (erl and erlc for now); determine the paths of the installed Erlang/OTP environment and of installed libraries; determine paths for installing built Erlang modules; use Erlang as an Autoconf test language (and it is … [Read more…]

Here is a feed crawler again…

Again, yesterday and today we get hits in our server’s log from what looks like a robot with IP address – – [03/Jan/2006:18:44:19 +0900] “GET /~lenglet HTTP/1.0” 301 324 – – – [03/Jan/2006:18:44:20 +0900] “GET /~lenglet/ HTTP/1.0” 200 31782 – – – [03/Jan/2006:18:44:20 +0900] “GET /atom.xml HTTP/1.0” 404 282 – … [Read more…]