How to integrate S. Covey’s Weekly Compass into the GTD weekly review

There are two main approaches to self-management: by specifying long-term goals and then decomposing them down to actionable tasks, as formalized in Stephen R. Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and the Franklin-Covey (FC) method; or by focusing on achieving tasks efficiently every day and then extracting priorities and long-term goals, as formalized in … [Read more…]

Weekly compass implementation using OmniOutliner

I have extended my self-management (aka “time management”) system today, on my Mac at work. I now combine OmniFocus for day-to-day management, OmniOutliner for higher-level management, and a small homemade AppleScript script implementing a weekly compass à la Franklin-Covey. I am sharing that weekly compass implementation below, as I have not yet found any software … [Read more…]