Patch to add support for Erlang/OTP in GNU Autoconf

I have just submitted a patch to Autoconf, on the Autoconf patches mailing-list, which allows to easily: auto-configure paths to Erlang/OTP tools (erl and erlc for now); determine the paths of the installed Erlang/OTP environment and of installed libraries; determine paths for installing built Erlang modules; use Erlang as an Autoconf test language (and it is … [Read more…]

Kerberized remote start of Erlang/OTP slave nodes

This post describes how to configure remote Kerberos-authenticated command execution to start remote slave Erlang nodes on Debian GNU/Linux. Introduction Starting slave nodes requires to use a rsh-compatible command, which name is specified as an argument to the erl command. For instance, ssh is commonly used to start remote slave nodes: erl -rsh ssh When starting a … [Read more…]