Kerberized remote start of Erlang/OTP slave nodes

This post describes how to configure remote Kerberos-authenticated command execution to start remote slave Erlang nodes on Debian GNU/Linux. Introduction Starting slave nodes requires to use a rsh-compatible command, which name is specified as an argument to the erl command. For instance, ssh is commonly used to start remote slave nodes: erl -rsh ssh When starting a … [Read more…]

Installation of kerberized PostgreSQL

This post describes how to install PostgreSQL on a Debian GNU/Linux system with support for Kerberos 5 authentication. This document considers two kinds of hosts: the server is called server, an example client is called client. Both must be configured as Kerberos client hosts, which is out of the scope of this document. On the server … [Read more…]

Installation of Kerberos 5

This post describes how to install using MIT Kerberos version 5 in a Debian GNU/Linux system. The installation of Heimdal should be similar but is not addressed in this document. Packages installation This document considers four kinds of hosts: master: the master KDC (Key Distribution Center), i.e. the central authentication and administration server, slave: a slave … [Read more…]