Coming changes in GNU Autoconf’s Erlang support

I have sent patches to GNU Autoconf to add new macros for testing Erlang modules, include files, and functions: AC_ERLANG_CHECK_MOD, AC_ERLANG_CHECK_HEADER,AC_ERLANG_CHECK_LIB_HEADER, and AC_ERLANG_CHECK_FUNC. I also sent a patch to fix the AC_RUN_IFELSE macro which executes Erlang test code, so that this macro cleanly fails if the code doesn’t compile, and another patch to fix the … [Read more…]

EUnit integration into GNU Autotest

GNU Autotest is GNU Autoconf’s unit testing tool, and is very generic, portable and simple. Autotest is therefore well suited to run tests using other testing tools, such as EUnit (Erlang/OTP’s unit testing tool), JUnit, etc. I just added to GNU Autoconf the AT_CHECK_EUNIT macro to run EUnit unit tests in Autotest testsuites. It is the … [Read more…]

News on Erlang support in GNU Autoconf 2.64

I have restarted actively maintaining the Erlang support in GNU Autoconf. Autoconf version 2.64 has been released on July 26th, which contains a few changes to its Erlang support. Autoconf had a bug breaking the AC_ERLANG_CHECK_LIB macro, between versions 2.61a and 2.63, making those versions of Autoconf practically unusable for Erlang projects. This bug was … [Read more…]

Automatically generating Erlang/OTP .app and .rel files using GNU Autoconf

A user of the GNU Autotools (Autoconf and Automake) with Erlang/OTP has recently asked me about a way to automatically generate the .app (application resource) files and .rel (release resource) files for an Erlang/OTP application. As for now, Automake provides no help to generate those files. This is Autoconf’s job. What Autoconf can do is … [Read more…]

gtknode 0.15 is now hosted on Google Code

The development of gtknode, the Erlang binding for the GTK+ library, is now hosted as a Google Code project. gtknode was previously included in the Jungerl collection of Erlang code on Sourceforge. The version on Google Code (version 0.15) is the latest version from Mats Cronqvist, the author of gtknode. This version includes my improvements … [Read more…]

Autoconf macros for Erlang support committed into Autoconf’s CVS

My Autoconf macros for Erlang applications configuration have been committed intoAutoconf’s CVS repository. The final macros are a little different from my original proposal: all macros now have the AC_ERLANG_ prefix, instead of the ERLANG_ prefix. These macros will be included in the next release of Autoconf (version 2.95c). Until this version is released, one … [Read more…]

Patch to add support for Erlang/OTP in GNU Autoconf

I have just submitted a patch to Autoconf, on the Autoconf patches mailing-list, which allows to easily: auto-configure paths to Erlang/OTP tools (erl and erlc for now); determine the paths of the installed Erlang/OTP environment and of installed libraries; determine paths for installing built Erlang modules; use Erlang as an Autoconf test language (and it is … [Read more…]