Automatically generating Erlang/OTP .app and .rel files using GNU Autoconf

A user of the GNU Autotools (Autoconf and Automake) with Erlang/OTP has recently asked me about a way to automatically generate the .app (application resource) files and .rel (release resource) files for an Erlang/OTP application. As for now, Automake provides no help to generate those files. This is Autoconf’s job. What Autoconf can do is … [Read more…]

Dryverl version 0.1.3 is out

I have published a new version of Dryverl, version 0.1.3. This is a minor release, that corrects two bugs. Dryverl supports <dev-c-local-variable/> elements to declare local variables in the generated C code. The first bug was that Dryverl allows such an element to be empty, which would mean that the generated C local variable declaration … [Read more…]

Dryverl talk at ICFP 2006

I am back from Portland, OR, USA. I have attended the ACM SIGPLAN Erlang workshop, the ACM SIGPLAN ICFP conference, and the CUFP workshop. I have taken a few photographs of all events. The article about Dryverl that I have presented in the Erlang workshop and the presentation’s slides are freely available.

Decoding Palm Datebook databases: using Erlang for binary data manipulation

I have written a small module for the decoding of Palm® Datebook database files: palm_db.erl and palm_db.hrl. Datebook database files contain all the appointments of a Palm® PDA. Note that it can only decode database files that have been archived by a synchronization software. It does not implement a synchronization conduit, i.e. it cannot do synchronization … [Read more…]

gtknode 0.15 is now hosted on Google Code

The development of gtknode, the Erlang binding for the GTK+ library, is now hosted as a Google Code project. gtknode was previously included in the Jungerl collection of Erlang code on Sourceforge. The version on Google Code (version 0.15) is the latest version from Mats Cronqvist, the author of gtknode. This version includes my improvements … [Read more…]

Dryverl version 0.1

I have made the first official release of Dryverl: Dryverl version 0.1. An example “Hello World” Erlang-to-C binding’s specification and test program are included in that release. I have spent my afternoon finishing the configuration and build process based on GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtools: the dryverl-0.1.tar.gz archive file is built automatically from the SVN … [Read more…]

Official announcement of the Dryverl project

I officially announce the creation of the Dryverl project. Dryverl is an Erlang-to-C binding “assembly language”. Dryverl lets you specify and control in details all the steps of a Erlang-to-C function call, while hiding implementation details and making it much easier to implement a binding than writing it by hand. The Dryverl “compiler” is implemented … [Read more…]