Introducing Mr. Beemura

Mr. Beemura is watching you! Mr. Beemura is my very personal kaijū (giant monster). I designed him and gave him life two years ago, during the end-of-year holidays. Here is a picture of him taking a walk in Shinjuku, Tokyo:

Mr . Beemura - Walk in Shinjuku

Mr . Beemura – Walk in Shinjuku

Mr. Beemura is a hybrid gigantic eye. His disproportionate tentacle-lids have long, poisenous digit-lashes. His open mouth-iris can produce a deadly laser beam, which gave him his name…

It all started with two packs of moulding clay for kids:

Mr. Beemura - Clay embryo

Mr. Beemura – Clay embryo

I started by moulding all of Mr. Beemura’s parts separately: the digit-lashes, the left and right tentacle-lids, the mouth-iris, the uvula-pupil, the mighty beer belly, and the foot. I put all parts together before they dried, and then let it all dry for 2 days. I had to use glue to fix the right tentacle, as it was relatively heavy and kept breaking:

Mr. Beemura - Rough shape

Mr. Beemura – Rough shape

Then, I smoothed the edges and painted the make up and contact lens:

Mr. Beemura - Paint job

Mr. Beemura – Paint job

After a few layers of glossy varnish, it was all pimped and ready for the studio (well, just two green paper sheets for the background…):

Mr. Beemura - Glossy finish

Mr. Beemura – Glossy finish

Mr. Beemura - Under all angles

Mr. Beemura – Under all angles

I used a green background to make it easier to cut in Gimp, my favorite image editor. In retrospect, it was a bad idea to use a glossy varnish, as it reflected the green background. It made it very hard to cut the background out. Gimp’s “magic wand” tool was unusable, so I had to edit the pictures by hand. It took time, but Mr. Beemura finally was ready for prime time:

Mr. Beemura - Ready to use

Mr. Beemura – Ready to use

The beer belly and the large foot were necessary to allow Mr. Beemura to stand up, but they weren’t very aesthetic, so I have hidden them in all pictures where I’ve used Mr. Beemura, such as the Shinjuku picture above, and a poster for a speech that I gave at Google.

You might wonder, Why Mister Beemura? I initially envisionned to create a whole kaijū family, with Mrs. Beemura, etc. But I ran out of clay, and eventually out of motivation. Someday I may create other kaijūs…
Unfortunately, when I relocated a few months ago, Mr. Beemura lost his right tentacle (the heavy and fragile one), and he didn’t survive. In memory of him, I have made him the mascot of this website. RIP.