Coming changes in GNU Autoconf’s Erlang support

I have sent patches to GNU Autoconf to add new macros for testing Erlang modules, include files, and functions: AC_ERLANG_CHECK_MOD, AC_ERLANG_CHECK_HEADER,AC_ERLANG_CHECK_LIB_HEADER, and AC_ERLANG_CHECK_FUNC. I also sent a patch to fix the AC_RUN_IFELSE macro which executes Erlang test code, so that this macro cleanly fails if the code doesn’t compile, and another patch to fix the … [Read more…]

EUnit integration into GNU Autotest

GNU Autotest is GNU Autoconf’s unit testing tool,¬†and is very generic, portable and simple. Autotest is therefore well suited to run tests using other testing tools, such as EUnit (Erlang/OTP’s unit testing tool), JUnit, etc. I just added to GNU Autoconf the AT_CHECK_EUNIT macro to run EUnit unit tests in Autotest testsuites. It is the … [Read more…]

News on Erlang support in GNU Autoconf 2.64

I have restarted actively maintaining the Erlang support in GNU Autoconf. Autoconf version 2.64 has been released on July 26th, which contains a few changes to its Erlang support. Autoconf had a bug breaking the AC_ERLANG_CHECK_LIB macro, between versions 2.61a and 2.63, making those versions of Autoconf practically unusable for Erlang projects. This bug was … [Read more…]