gtknode 0.15 is now hosted on Google Code

The development of gtknode, the Erlang binding for the GTK+ library, is now hosted as a Google Code project. gtknode was previously included in the Jungerl collection of Erlang code on Sourceforge.

The version on Google Code (version 0.15) is the latest version from Mats Cronqvist, the author of gtknode. This version includes my improvements of the build system using GNU Autoconf (and my GNU Autoconf macros) and GNU Automake.

Mats Cronqvist also added a new example application, sherk, which is a preliminary version of a graphical front-end to Mats’ (unpublished?) sherk profiler.

There has been no officially released tarball archive for this version, but you can create a tarball archive from the source code by taking the following steps:

  1. Download the source code, using Subversion:
    > svn checkout gtknode
    > cd gtknode
  2. Generate the configure script, using GNU Autoconf (version 2.59c, or 2.60, or later is mandatory!):
    > aclocal
    > autoconf
  3. Generate the files, using GNU Automake (version 1.9.5 or later is mandatory!):
    > automake
  4. Now, create a temporary tree for building, and generate the Makefile files ready for using:
    > mkdir /tmp/build
    > cd /tmp/build
    > ...../configure
  5. Now, you should be able to create a distributable tarball archive of the source code:
    > make dist

These steps create a gtknode-0.15.tar.gz in the current directory. After uncompressing this file, you get the same content as after step 3 above.

To build gtknode, execute the classical command triplet:

> ..../configure
> make
> make install

After installing, you can execute the examples. For instance, go into the installedexamples/points directory, and execute:

> erl -sname test -s points start

I have a GTK+-related bug when starting the top example, which replaces the old simpleexample. I have to investigate into this. I was not able to test the sherk profiler front-end example, since I have not yet found where I can download Mats’ sherk profiler from.

Update (2006-09-05T00:17): the top bug has been corrected by Mats in the Subversion repository revision 5. Here is a screenshot that proves that it works now:

gtkNode top example