Dryverl version 0.1

I have made the first official release of Dryverl: Dryverl version 0.1. An example “Hello World” Erlang-to-C binding’s specification and test program are included in that release.

I have spent my afternoon finishing the configuration and build process based on GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtools: the dryverl-0.1.tar.gz archive file is built automatically from the SVN repository and when installing, it build another dryverl_hello-0.1.tar.gz archive file for the example, which is then installed in the documentation directory. The dryverl_hello-0.1.tar.gz is itself an Autotools-based archive file, providing an automatic configuration and build process. This archive file is like a “template”, which can be reused and tweaked by users to easily create archive files for building and distributing their own Erlang-to-C bindings.

I have tested that all combinations of C port driver configurations that can be generated by Dryverl are working (with or without input binaries passed by reference, driver set to asynchronous mode or not, etc. etc.), although only a few combinations are covered by the included “Hello World” example. I did not want to make that example too complex at first.

I still have to write a tutorial for Dryverl.