Dryverl version 0.1

I have made the first official release of Dryverl: Dryverl version 0.1. An example “Hello World” Erlang-to-C binding’s specification and test program are included in that release. I have spent my afternoon finishing the configuration and build process based on GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtools: the dryverl-0.1.tar.gz archive file is built automatically from the SVN … [Read more…]

Official announcement of the Dryverl project

I officially announce the creation of the Dryverl project. Dryverl is an Erlang-to-C binding “assembly language”. Dryverl lets you specify and control in details all the steps of a Erlang-to-C function call, while hiding implementation details and making it much easier to implement a binding than writing it by hand. The Dryverl “compiler” is implemented … [Read more…]