New version of my patch to the Erlang Driver Toolkit

I have updated my previous patch to EDTK 1.1. This new patch version corrects the following new bugs that I have found:

  • it allows to have several arguments that are mapped values in the same map (i.e. the behaviour is now correct when several <arg/>s have the same value of the valmap_name attribute, in the same <func/>), by considering an array of value indexes in the call state instead of a single index for every value map;
  • in the original EDTK1.1, only values returned by a function call can be removed from a value map by specifying a valmap_type="stop" attribute in a <return/>; my patch now allows only input arguments to be removed from a value map, by allowing to specify a valmap_type="stop" attribute in an <arg/> and no more in a <return/>, which makes more sense (and valmap_type="start" attributes can still be specified in any <return/>, and in any <xtra_val/> in a <xtra_return/>, to allow to add any output value).

I know, it may look dirty, but at least it all seems to work.