Patch to the Erlang Driver Toolkit

I am creating an Erlang-binding for the GSS API version 2.1 (IETF‘s RFC 2743 and RFC 2744). I am wrapping the GSS API C-binding functions in an Erlang port driver. The purpose is to be able to use GSS API implementations such as MIT Kerberos, Heimdal, GNU Shishi and Globus’ GSI in Erlang programs. And … [Read more…]

New “smart” Debian packages for the Adeos ipipe kernel patches

I have made Debian packages for the Adeos ipipe patches found the Adeos website. These package are meant to replace (but do not conflict with) the kernel-patch-adeos official package available in Debian, which has not been updated since August 2005 and does not allow to install multiple versions simultaneously and to select them in a flexible … [Read more…]