Presentation about software engineering at the Takasaki High School

The JSPS has published on their web site a presentation I made at the Takasaki High School last October. That talk was in the context of the Science Dialogue program, in which JSPS-funded post-doc scientists like me give talks to high-school students.

The subject of my talk was a general introduction to the education system in France and to my research domains: software engineering, software architecture and systems management. This was kind of a refreshing experience. I went with Pr. Chiba as a translator, because my Japanese is too minimal to give a talk in Japanese…

In the photo on the left, you can see students in front of notebook computers, during the discussion session after my talk: I made them type commands in Windows’ shell, to experiment with Internet protocols (nslookup, ping, etc.). The student standing up is the one who volunteered to impersonate an IP router. I had brought Ethernet cables with me, and made students impersonate a TCP stack, an IP stack, etc. and made them exchange packets in the form of paper envelopes. That was fun!