Autoconf macros for Erlang support committed into Autoconf’s CVS

My Autoconf macros for Erlang applications configuration have been committed intoAutoconf’s CVS repository. The final macros are a little different from my original proposal: all macros now have the AC_ERLANG_ prefix, instead of the ERLANG_ prefix. These macros will be included in the next release of Autoconf (version 2.95c). Until this version is released, one … [Read more…]

Release of gtkNode 0.1 and of the gtknode Debian package

I have refactored gtkNode, the Erlang interface to GTK+ 2, which I have been “playing with” recently. The most significant is that I have used GNU Autoconf and Automake to redo the configuration and build framework. I have used my Autoconf macros for Erlang in gtkNode’s configuration file, to simplify configuration. To compile the source … [Read more…]