Patch to add support for Erlang/OTP in GNU Autoconf

I have just submitted a patch to Autoconf, on the Autoconf patches mailing-list, which allows to easily: auto-configure paths to Erlang/OTP tools (erl and erlc for now); determine the paths of the installed Erlang/OTP environment and of installed libraries; determine paths for installing built Erlang modules; use Erlang as an Autoconf test language (and it is … [Read more…]

Here is a feed crawler again…

Again, yesterday and today we get hits in our server’s log from what looks like a robot with IP address – – [03/Jan/2006:18:44:19 +0900] “GET /~lenglet HTTP/1.0” 301 324 – – – [03/Jan/2006:18:44:20 +0900] “GET /~lenglet/ HTTP/1.0” 200 31782 – – – [03/Jan/2006:18:44:20 +0900] “GET /atom.xml HTTP/1.0” 404 282 – … [Read more…]