Problems with Feedster’s robot

Starting from yesterday, I have found many hits in our web server’s logs (four hits every 30 minutes) from a robot at IP address According to whois(1), this address belongs to “Feedster”. This is how I have discovered the existence of the Feedster blog search engine… Special note to the person who registered my web … [Read more…]

Fast scrolling in KDE

I just inadvertently found a trick to scroll faster using a scrolling wheel mouse in anything that can be scrolled in KDE application, e.g. in the list of emails in Kmail, in the list of articles in aKregator, in a long web page displayed in Konqueror, in a long text displayed in Kwrite, etc. Just … [Read more…]

Secrets of good hypertext

The Art. Lebedev Studio are the designers of the wonderful Optimus keyboard and Mus computer mouse, among other things. In addition, they publish many interesting in-depth articles about design on their web site, some articles concerning web design. Article number 83, titled “Secrets of good hypertext”, is about how to add good hyperlinks into web pages. … [Read more…]